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  Jizhou City Huaxin FRP Co., Ltd., using Italian micro-manage the winding technology and processes, as domestic production computer control winding fiberglass (FRP), PVC composite fiberglass (PVC / FRP), polypropylene composite glass fiber reinforced plastic (PP / FRP) tanks, towers, pipes, pipe fittings and other one of professional manufacturers.

Main products:
1. DN15mm-4000mm pipeline, sand inclusion pipeline and pipe fittings.
2. DN<15000 container, tower and pressure vessel series.
3. DN<2800 FRP tank car used in railway and highway transporting (the hydrochloric acid tank car).
4. circular type , square type, countercurrent and crosscurrent FRP cooling tower.
5. PVC-FRP¡¢PP-FRP compound container, tower and pipeline.
6. FRP fan: centrifugal fan, roof fan, axial flow fan, oblique flow fan and funnel cap and so on.
7. FRP air conditioninging series: inorganic wind pipeline, angle fittings, reducer and S type T-pieces and so on.
8. FRP griding, sectional material, tables and chairs.
9. FRP flowerpot: occident series, China series and fountain series.
10. FRP cable bridge bracket: ZBQ-C slot type, ZBQ-T tray type, ZBQ-T stair-step type and large span cable bridge bracket, ZBQ accessories.
11. FRP water tank series.
12. anticorrosive project: floor, groove and house and so on.
13. microcontrolled winding FRP container, pipeline, tower series production line.
14. FRP well loop and cover.
HuaXinCompany has exquisite technique, selects reliable materials and returns the society with the superior product service.








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